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 A woman is the most magnificent creature on this earth.  She is also the most overestimated and under-appreciated human.  She is mistaken as the third most important human being after man and child.

It is my goal in life to affirm her importance to my existence, my love, my future, and the reason I believe in all possibilities.  I could never go wrong with her but could not survive without her.  She must be my focus.

This website is for her and those who cherish the inner and outer beauty of this Supreme Being.  I write to remind her how I worship the feelings of having her connected to me.  She makes my body overheat when she’s on my thoughts, in my hands, or I am inside of her.  She strengthens me with her wisdom, and consoles me with her hopes.  She is divine.  God’s gift to me and I treasure her as such.


Now, without further delay, take the journey of how I love her.


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