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I hate that I love you

Posted on November 11, 2011 at 2:55 PM

I hate that I love you

My heart thumps when images of you passes behind my eyes

The phone ring and goose bumps race alongside my impatience

I rehearse every word only to loose them when we are face to face

I kiss you with desperation but it doesn’t translate how I feel

I love you more than my food because i prepare meals you like to eat

The radio in my car is set to your ears.

I love you shoo much

My life waits for your direction and when you show up You say,


I rewrite it to mean you love me as much as i do u


I don’t feel the intensity of your passion.

I hate that I love you because the confusion is not in your eyes

No trembles in your fingers

You touch me with no emotions

Sometimes i want to scream...

What is wrong with you!!

How could you not know that I give myself to you completely.

How could u not see this in me

I hate that i love you because you are just fucking me

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