Baby Oil's Desires

Intellectual Stimulation


Baby Oil- TAKE ME HOME merchandise.

Treat yourself to me over and over again. Wear me against your skin. Show your friends our connection. This turns me on. To be worn, read, held by you. Simply because you wanted to. Hmmm


 Baby Oil is a part of the AGAINST MY SKIN PUBLISHING Family. This is where fans of the company and its artists can acquire merchandise to celebrate and support the progression of the creative spirits.

Lastly, If you are not comfortable ordering online, you can send a $20 money order or check payable to: AGAINST MY SKIN PUBLISHING-P.O Box 64256, Washington, DC 20029. . The extra $5. is for shipping and handling. Just state that you are purchasing "I'm Glad You Came By Baby Oil". We will ship the book directly to you within 12  business days.


Purchase a copy of the book TODAY   CLICK ON BOOK COVER


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