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Baby Oil grew up in a house; he never considered it a home even though he was adored by the women who raised him. They use to call themselves sexual and wounded beauties. They were amazingly beautiful. They turned heads everywhere they went. Men loved to be near them. He watched these women fall in love. Then he would catch and comfort them after their hearts were broken. They would tell him how men were only words that faded after the sun came up after a passionate night.


He learned desire. He became a student of both ends of a relationship. Words were the glue that either binds or breaks a commitment. He learned how to strengthen, empower, heal, and love these women.

By the time Baby Oil started noticing women as sexual beauties, his yearning engulfed him.

Then he discovered fear. He never wanted to become the men who shattered the women who raised him. It was hard for women not to notice him. The women who raised him groomed him to be the man they wished their men to be. He became the ideal man or could change to meet those needs. Words…words were everything.

He toyed with wanting to become a stripper but never built up the courage. This desire to entertain, seduce, and love women roared inside of him. Then he decided to put his thoughts on paper. A female friend stumbled upon his work and was in Flames when he caught her. When he kissed her, he engulfed her. He has been writing ever since.


However be forewarned. He is a lover, but he can be a hard ass to deal with at times. His words not only are capable of healing, they can also cut deep.

Baby Oil has made several appearances on radio stations in the U.S. He has released one book, "I'm Glad You Came" and now he is preparing to release another  "Sleeping Alone". He just released is his CD "You're Wet".


He also has mugs, T-shirts, and memorabilia bearing his signature and some of his work.  

To contact Baby Oil and get on his email list, send an email He has recently signed with and being  is currently represented by  Against My Skin Publishing and his books and CD are released through their holdings.


If you would like to own  a copy of  his new book,"I'm Glad You Came", just click on the picture below. He appreciates all of your support.



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